Tarsnap Mastery: Online Backups for the Truly Paranoid (IT Mastery Book 6)

Michael W Lucas

Language: English

Published: Mar 2, 2015


Online Backup you can Trust and Verify! Tarsnap, the secure online backup service for Unix-like systems, raised the bar for online backups. It’s inexpensive. It’s reliable. And you don’t need to trust the Tarsnap service—they can’t access your backups even if they wanted to. With Tarsnap Mastery you’ll learn to: • install and manage Tarsnap on Linux, Unix, Windows, and OS X • fully exploit features like encryption and deduplication • create and recover archives • customize backups to precisely your requirements • passphrase protect keys • create and manage special-purpose keys • automatically back up and rotate archives • understand and resolve performance issues • quickly restore complete systems Ditch the tape room. Put your backups online, and know that they’re safe. Tarsnap Mastery. Because life doesn’t back itself up.